GoT makes me think of fish

Consider this a spoiler alert:

Game of Thrones, season 7, is a sad, sad story. If I had been an Otto starring in A Fish Called Wanda I would say (shout): Disappointeeeeed!

All of the characters in this formerly exciting world of throney games suddenly act out of character. They stop doing anything important and personal. Instead, they spend most of their time sitting down or walking, walking, walking (e.g. on snow) whilst engaging in a dialogue predictable enough for the viewer to say the lines (almost verbatim) before the actors do.

Although Mr. Cohab and I weathered it out and stayed with them all until the very end, I could not care less who lived and who died. I even nodded off a few times. This was all to do with the lack of logic to the characters’ actions and the lack of wise, wicked and personal dialogue: the stuff that makes the characters’ personalities pop and make the viewers commit.

I feel bad for the actors. When shooting the scenes for season 7, it must have been blatantly clear to them that their GoT characters, all of a sudden, had been turned into cardboard clichés. Maybe I am just imagining it, but I think it sort of shows on the screen.

By the way, I am not the only one to feel cheated: