How to explayne?
The lack of focus and payne?
The shimmer in black?
The promise to end up on a rack?
The pebbles in your shoes?
The nails in your skin?
The entry of birth as a noose?
The grinding of cogs in a deafening din?
The malarkey of deadening booze?
The flight of your thoughts all gone,
Look at your face, it’s wan

Where did it go?
The jitter in wee belly?
The speed in small legs?
The certainty of yes, never no?
The delights of an ocean smelly?
The diving for treasure and drinking to the dregs?

Harden your soles
Cradle your heart
Look at the holes
They’re off to a start
From now on
You speak to no one
From then on
You’re a shadow anon