Skämtar med mig aprilo?

Knasdag med stort K. Först säger appen att det är ”Regn i annalkande”. I annalkande? Vill du ha stryk eller? It’s been raining for days and hours on end, and I’m on the verge of developing webbed hands and feet. I’m getting ever so slightly bored with it all.

Next thing, WordPress invited me to an event in my vicinity. In Nicaragua. I have to say, I don’t see eye to eye with people who claim that a country some nine thousand kilometres away (as the crows fly) may count as ”in the vicinity”. Really, I’m curious, what in ”Gothenburg” makes it sound like something that’s located in Central America?

And the next, next thing was that my back suddenly went on strike. Out of the blue, it decided that it now belongs to a person who is at least 107 years old and has no business riding a bike. In the rain. Did I mention the rain? Yes, it’s raining. There’s no ”annalkande” about it!