Senaste favoriterna

”Collateral” med Carey Mulligan och ”Altered Carbon” med Joel Kinnaman.

Collateral is about a no nonsense detective (Mulligan) who starts investigating the death of a pizza delivery man and ends up grappling with spies and criminals operating on an international level.

Altered Carbon is about a prisoner (Kinnaman) who is brought out of a 250 year long nap in order to investigate the death of a man who stands for everything he once fought to end.

I övrigt har jag burit omkring på en pensel den senaste veckan utan att veta varför. Där har den legat, i ryggsäcken, varje gång jag öppnat för att fiska upp en bok, mina nycklar, mina gymdojor, mina glasspengar, etc, etc.
Varje gång jag sett penseln har jag tänkt att jag ska lyfta ut den så fort jag kommit hem. Och varje gång jag kommit hem har det fallit ur medvetandet.
Men en pensel kanske kan vara bra att ha med sig. Ungefär som en schweizisk armékniv, fast bättre. För int’ fan finns det nåt penselverktyg i den schweiziska armékniv som jag äger i alla fall. Även om det gjort det så hade det kvittat eftersom jag alltid glömmer min schweiziska armékniv hemma i skrivbordslådan. Hver gang.

Mr. Cohab to the rescue!

Only a week ago, I was feeling sullen about my inability to find someone to fill J.K. Rowling’s fantasy shoes (since I’ve read her Harry Potter series about a billion times already). But as soon as Mr. Cohab noticed my sloping shoulders and saggy walk he disappeared into his study and reappeared two seconds later with two hefty books in his hands. And by hefty I mean really, really hefty. Really.

They were two novels by Justin Cronin: The Passage and The Twelve. (I have since learned that there is a third one, The City of Mirrors, on which I have yet to lay my greedy little paws.) And what can I say? So far, I’m only halfway through The Passage (Flickan från ingenstans, beautifully translated by Jimmy Hofsö), but my mind is already totally blown away.

Good grief, the author really knows how to write a gripping story! On the surface it’s about a young girl who isn’t quite like the rest of us, but on a deeper level it’s about what the rest of us are like.

It’s brilliant!

And Mr. Cohab remains a mysterious angel who keeps saving the day.