A somewhat strange day

It was the sixth day of the week, an overcast Saturday on the fourth of February, in the year 2017. … Various sites and apps consulted for a lengthier weather forecast all stated that it was raining.

I begged to differ. The blurry lines in the snowy landscape were snowflakes, not rain, falling on my head.

My gaze turned to the possibly treacherous ground. But I didn’t spot any icy patches, only nekkid feet. Or more specifically, the snowy ghosts of nekkid feet.

No matter how closely I looked, they were still there.


I remain very curious about the person who made them, and why.












I’m currently tending a small flock of Shaun the sheep-like sheep, and when I told them all about it, they simply couldn’t believe it. They were, like, ”I’m so shocked I don’t even know what to do with this piece of straw that’s hanging out of my mouth”.